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  1. Dee Finley
    said on 11/14/14

    This makes me feel like I didn’t waste my youth hanging out in the dressing room of the pyramid. I came to the city at the tender age of 16… I went to the dyke bars, but they were dressed terrible and were mean, so when this boy with a cunt found the pyramid… I know I was home.
    Thank God Linda stayed sober enough to hold a camera, and held a day job so she could develop the film.

  2. Reena Raven
    said on 10/11/14

    So delighted I came across your site. How wonderful that you have documented, preserved and presented some of the earlier days of our lives. I have always been more private and low keyed but involved, active and committed (my mother thought I should’ve been committed when she discovered me in my very early teens) for many decades. I hope I get a chance to attend your next presentation. Keep me posted. Sincere thanks.

  3. Lee Anderson
    said on 6/24/14

    LINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………so glad I stumbled across your page via New York Magazine! WOW! This is incredible. Im from Manchester, UK and we had a scene that is reminiscent of what you captured, albeit on a much smaller scale but I love what you have done here – congrats for having the sense to capture it on film – it’s so easy now, the young un’s wouldn’t understand we had to have pictures developed!!! So, Linda – get this is in a book – a beautiful coffee table book. I need to have one! I love it, NY, drag, grit, pain, decline it’s all there and whilst it is still prominent, get it out there – thank you for sharing x

  4. Laurence Frommer
    said on 5/28/14

    I saw you speak about this at the gallery on Houston St last summer. This is amaaaaazing! Thanks so much for sharing this with the public!

  5. said on 3/5/14

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos! They are fabulous!

  6. said on 3/5/14

    What a fabulous archive of a great time in LGBTQ history! Loving it!

  7. Gordon
    said on 3/5/14

    Wondering if you have any pics of our dearly departed friend Baby Gregor. I know he and Miss Lady Kier were close. Hope to hear from some of you!

    • said on 3/6/14

      I have a couple of group shots with Baby Gregor. What a woman!

  8. Buenaventura!
    said on 11/24/13

    My dear Squirrel!

    Im always on the look out for your HEADLINES! Nice job! Cute!

  9. wendygrrl
    said on 9/22/13

    Very nice website…

  10. john boyer
    said on 8/24/13

    Nice website. Good luck with this excellent event Linda!

  11. Hatsumi T
    said on 8/18/13

    Hi Linda.
    I am glad that I can see that you are doing great by looking at your websites although I haven’t seen you for several years. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I enjoyed them.

  12. Alabasta
    said on 7/22/13

    Dear Linda ,
    thank you for the wonderful pictures from the 80’s and 90’s. That was my time as a baby drag queen from Berlin- Moabit. The pictures bring me back something of the atmosphere of this wonderful time (and a little bit of my youth).
    Cordially yours,
    10555 -Berlin

  13. beelzedug
    said on 7/21/13

    linda thank you for bearing witness. history, hair and high-heels and so last century!

  14. Jose S
    said on 7/18/13

    What a wonderful project! Can’t wait for the book! (any idea when it might be available?) Congratulations!

  15. said on 7/18/13

    Linda, Sorry I missed the 7/11 show and I’m very glad that it was standing room only. Though I would have hated standing! Keep us posted on the next show. The photos on your website bring back so many memories, many of which are lost to me because I was so high back then!
    Air kisses, Ernie

  16. said on 7/6/13

    That video was so wonderful. I’m only 34, so I was only 18 by 1997. I caught the tail end of the 90’s drag explosion, right about when it was becoming part of mainstream culture in a big way. This new revival of drag, thanks in no small part to RuPaul and Drag Race (as we all know,) is really refreshing but I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel like something was lacking.

    The queens of the 90’s really seemed to be striking out new territory, with a sense of what came before. I don’t feel that radiating from the drag of now. It’s a new animal, a different animal, and one I enjoy but don’t relate to.

    These photos, and your beautiful voiceover, are so meaningful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  17. Eric Owens (Raven)
    said on 7/5/13

    CONGRATS LADY!!!!!! Much success.

  18. said on 7/5/13

    Love you!!!

  19. said on 7/5/13

    I always *KNEW* those photos would come together, somehow, someway. And you should be congratulated for having the foresight to take them – sorta like Nelson with the videos, but its own genre indeed!

    said on 7/2/13


  21. said on 7/1/13

    These are GAYMAZING! You never cease to amaze me! So glad that you kept such great track of the people that inspired me to move to NYC! <3

  22. said on 7/1/13

    Linda, what can I say? These photos are amazing, gorgeous, and inspirational. What an exciting project, I can’t wait to see more!!

    • Linda
      said on 7/1/13

      Thanks for stopping by!


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