In her debut photo book, drag-queen documentarian Linda Simpson pays heartfelt homage to her captivating transgender friend Page.

Set in bygone gritty New York of the 1990s, the snapshots recall Page’s mysterious beauty, outlandish sense of style
and provocative performances that made her a cult figure of downtown’s
gender-bending nightlight.

7 x 10 inches * 60 pages / 30 color * $20

Available for purchase at Peradam Press


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“Whether decked out in cat-eye sunglasses or completely naked in colorful body
paint, Page, born Page Potter Reynolds from Vermont, cuts a fantastically beautiful
if terrifying figure. Page’s bold sense of style pervades Simpson’s photographs,
a mix between vintage kitsch and otherworldly futuristic.” Filthy Dream

“It’s an offshoot of her “photographic time capsule” The Drag Explosion, but it truly
stands alone, from its arresting cover to its final image, another snap of a serene
Page with her Mona Lisa smile.”—Boy Culture

 “The photos ooze a raw, gritty glamour, instantly transporting viewers back to
the neon-tinted time.”The Huffington Post

“Ultimately, PAGES is a touching love letter to a deceased friend with a collection of
avant-garde and historically celebratory photographs of a nightlife celebrity worthy
of a larger popularity.”—Edge New York

“Simpson shares not only a view into the life of an entrancing performer, but insight
into gender identity and NYC’s former underground nightlife.”—Feature Shoot