January 4, 2016

Sweet! My Pix are in “Candy!”

It’s the most extensive press coverage yet for The Drag Explosion—an 18-page layout of my photos in the new issue of the chic “transversal style magazine” Candy, which is published in Madrid by creative dynamo Luis Venegas.



The new issue features covergirl Miley Cyrus.


Mr. V requested that I write the article, which showcases various reigning NYC queens of the 1990s. It’s a tribute, with nary a bitchy insult from me. (Well, hardly any!)

Candy is committed to the printing press—the article is not online— and is also quite exclusive. Only 1,500 copies are printed and it sells for $65. (The magazine is hefty and gorgeous, more like a coffee-table book, thus the price.)

Here are a few layouts from my article:


c1 - 1

The opening spread is a group shot from the Building nightclub.



c5 - 2

Daisy, left, and Lahoma Van Zandt.



c4 - 1

Richie Rich, left, and Sweetie.




Kabuki, left, and Leigh Bowery.



Luis chose to highlight my photo of Sweetie on his Instagram page:


550sw - 1


¡Muchas Gracias, Candy! I am very honored!